Galvanic Department

The company consists of two divisions: galvanic and workshop.
In Galvanic Department performing the following works:
thick chrome plating (2 plants), nickel-chrome plating (BiNichel) alkaline, zinc, zinc-nickel with barrel-static and zinc-nickel with barrel.

our company works in partnership with the best companies of machining (turning, grinding and other work), heat treatment (induction hardening, tempering, and more) and possibility of coating (Cataphoresis) after Galvanic treatment.
everything was born from the conviction in wanting to give business and provide a complete service to ours customers.


Galvanic Department

Chrome Plating Plant thickness 1


Galvanic plating plant in thickness are worked, stems and stalks for shock absorbers for earthmoving machinery and for automotive industry.

Galvanic Chromium in plant Thickness 2

On thick chrome plating facility, are Predominantly manufactured reeds fork, fork for earth-moving machinery and   automotive sector.

Galvanic plant thickness Chromium BiNichel

Chromium BiNichel plant on the thickness, are machined forks motorcycle, and  earth-moving forks.

Alkaline Zinc Galvanic plant with barrel

Alkaline on Alkaline zinc barrel plating you can deposit a layer of Zinc white passivation Film (Trivalent), or chromiting (Iridenscente Trivalent). Useful for Bolts, hardware, mechanical parts cars, motorcycles, household equipment, and tools.

Static Galvanic Plant ZincoNichel

plant ZincoNichel On static, are machined components for cars, motorcycles

Galvanic Plant ZincoNichel with barrel

On the ZincoNichel plant, with barrel are machined automotive parts and motorbyke part.