About us

Founded in 1950 as a society in fact fra. Bartoletti Amelio and Mr. Meoni Armando, the activity started in an old mill just outside Pistoia, with the production of hardware for a lawn. 

In 1954, it was necessary to transfer the company at a larger shed (always on the outskirts), since the production of imitation (which, in the meantime, it was no longer only on behalf of third parties, but also own production) was added that of bells per cycle.  At this juncture, is also the first plating facility, which served exclusively, conditioning of bells.  In 1964, thanks to the acquisition of a competitor, it was decided the construction of premises in via of Gora and Barbatole, where still today the seat of the company.

At the end of the years ' 60, the company, which had most of the Italian and European market in the field of cycling accessories, expanded its range, starting the manufacture of pedals; at the same time, installed two additional plants: galvanic treatments and galvanizing plating.  The production of bicycle and motorcycle accessories has been the main activity of the company until the end of the ' 80, when, due to the crisis in the sector, it was decided to project all the energies in the already well-established field of electroplating, investing, until arriving to our days, in new installations increasingly modern and productive processes that guarantee the reliability of the product. 

At the end of the years ' 90 industrial conversion is finished, replacing the production of pedals with grinding lines and induction hardening. Thanks to the experience gained in recent years and ongoing commitment to technology innovation, the company is a leader in its sector. 

The company recently transformed into S.p.A., counts among its customers some of the most important industries leading manufacturer of components for scooters, motorcycles, cars and trucks.